Monday, June 16, 2008

Salaam RJs!

I settled down in my car with a hot cuppa of coffee, took the first sip and found myself in a different world altogether, a livelier world that had an inviting road stretching ahead, dotted with lush green trees and birds chirping. I could hear laughter and see cheerful faces of people going for their work while the songs played in the background. No, that was not my hallucination because of my car’s AC, but what I was hearing on radio. Yes, I’m talking about our “unseen” friends- the RJs who have become a vital part of our everyday life. They’re not just voices in the air, they are your unseen friends who are always there to cheer you up, bring a smile on your face, offer quirky solutions to your problems, know what you love to listen and inform you as well-in short infotain u!

They make the world seem much livelier as they wake you up and refresh you with their funny jokes and voices. The RJs have become an essential dose for people like me who travel for hours at a stretch everyday. It’s not only the songs they play, it’s how they keep you engaged with the way they talk, what they talk and how they manage to bring a smile on your face (my driver always suspects I have gone nuts when he catches me smiling inwardly at the recent comment passed by the RJ!)

Sometimes fun, sometimes weird and most of the times plain funny, that’s an RJ for you. Though they do get preachy now and then (which is good sometimes), but their basic “motto” is to make you feel at ease and help you relax and enjoy yourselves while u can.

They have the knack of keeping the listeners involved by asking their opinions on current issues by way of phone calls and SMSs. From the early radio days when the legendary Ameen Sayani presented shows in his charming voice, RJing has come a long way, bringing with it a fresh approach of presenting songs, informing and sharing.

RJs have also shown us the way to live life amidst everyday chaos. Since they can’t change the things as they are, so they try and help you feel better and take things lightly. They mock at politicians’ silliness; make fun of the celebrities, sing funny parodies, all in an effort to help you realize you are much better than them all.

A lot of hard work goes into making these shows a success. You love an RJ because of his/her voice and the way he/she speaks no doubt, but you can’t sideline the kind of words (script) they use. They’re so crisp, witty, logical and funny (excuse my fetish with words, I am a writer!!), that at times one wishes that they could go on and on with no music interrupting the joyride!

So, three cheers for the RJs for making our mornings, evenings and every day interesting….Happy Listening!


Perfect Witch said...

Your blog cheered me more than the RJs do, hey funny girl!

Nisha James said...

RJs certainly are the best traveling companions...don't take up any space & u can tune them out if they get boring :)

Kuntal !~ Kittu~! said...

Wen u trnd out a RJ??? :P
hmmmmmm ;-))

Bdway Nice one. ...Keep it UP ;)

n Yeah right said Nisha, RJs r d bst traveling companions


giri said...

It’s good to read the your blog, U r able to bring attention of AAM-JANTA on a specific topic

Keep it up .....!

naveen said...

its very nice and refreshing.
u thought abt nice topic and over all everyone resembles to it.

Its really nice keep writing
try in some magazines too...