Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Inked

As I get ready to cast my “mighty” vote, I wonder do others feel the same way I do. No doubt casting your vote and getting inked is the latest in-thing these days. But I sincerely hope and believe that it means a lot more than that. Coz its not just another button you push or another holiday you spend lazing around, it’s a lot more than that. Especially, we, the younger generation needs to understand more than ever. Coz the decisions taken by us today would decide our future.

So, please go ahead, cast your vote not just for the sake of it or to get free entry in pubs, give it a thought, a little consideration. Vote with your mind and not your heart; don’t let your emotions come into the way of reason. Let us not be misguided by the parties promoting their ulterior motives in the garb of secularism. We need to come out of our prejudices and stand together as a Young Indian Force that knows what it wants and what is important.

Jaago Re before it’s too late.

It is time to get inked.


Perfect Witch said...

Good posts.
But Ginny, more posts are needed. And btw, despite having filled out all the forms, how come some of us were not on the rolls? Not fair!

maitri said...

maybe because the authorities already knew you were on the winner's side :)

Sudish said...

moi tOO got inkeD.. :)

nice poSt..hope it worked the same way as JaagO re campaign