Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keep Walking.........

If there is darkness, keep walking
When you are alone, keep walking
When there’s no light in sight, keep walking
Rain or shine, keep walking
When the world weighs on you, keep walking
Happiness is around the corner, keep walking
Distances shrink when you keep walking

The more you walk the more you would see
There are lot better place to be

Set no limit and set yourself free,
It is the only way to be.

Beyond the horizon, beyond the bay
The world never stops, and you should never sway

Keep walking is the way


shahid said...

quite interesting, as i see how "keep walking" campaign would have bene inspired by this..:)

maitri said...


Aditi said...

Very Good...Very Inspiring...Keep Writing!!!

LISA said...

Very well written. I look forward to more poems :)