Thursday, September 24, 2009

What’s your Raashee Gowariker?

Not Capricorn for sure. Because a few a days back I was checking out the life size poster of his latest movie “what’s your Rashi” and was quite curious to see how he has made his “12 Priyankas” look unique in their own way. There was Aries-good, Leo-very good, Sagittarius-hmm, and there it was- “Capricorn Priyanka” ouch……the moment I saw her I wished I wasn’t a Capricorn myself. And I am not exaggerating. She is not just plain Jane but quite an eyesore…what with the “joint eyebrows” and I-don’t-know-which-century dressing; she is portrayed as a Capricorn in a very bad taste.

Being a true blue Capricorn, I am quite disappointed to say the least. Guess he never knew that we are (ahem, ahem!) known for our grace, poise and earthy beauty. So what was it then? A stern Capri Math teacher or something else, eh that led him to present her in this way? Well, we would never know, but guess he has lost an audience in me and I am hopeful many other Stunning Capri women who share my views. Unless he sends me a free movie ticket that is ;) till then, adios Ashu!


saurabh said...

Being a Capricorn myself I fully agree with your views s I feel myself that the Capricorns have been portrayed in a very bad taste. Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

nice piece of work Maitri..even I too am disappointed with that weird looked capri girl of wats ur rashee.