Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celebrating apni Delhi :)

Diwali has come early to Delhi this year thanks to CWG-the much talked about, battered and thrashed about event that surprised all the pessimists with its enthralling opening. The Delhi, as I knew, transformed itself as it wore a new look. Suddenly, in a matter of just a fortnight, I saw beautiful palm trees erected at red light junctions with neat rows of potted flowers giving off a cheerful look to Delhi.

All over the city, I could see well constructed footpaths and pavements and Delhi’s new pride-Shera made of leaves and flowers. One could easily spot Delhities going mad clicking away their pictures with the Mascot. It is as if we have woken up from a deep slumber to witness the once unkempt city become a beautiful princess- surprising all who had no hopes for her. The transformation has been almost magical-was there a bunch of little elves working in the background we didn’t know of??!!!

I travel everyday on the routes that pass through the CWG lanes (dedicated parts of roads to ferry the CWG delegates). And every time I hear a loud siren it has become my nature to excitedly look around the Red Bus that carries the athletes in the hopes of catching their glimpse.

The Games have also made way for a number of colorful and amazing new modes of traveling in the city. First, we had the new “green lines” and the Metro, then came the air-conditioned big red DTC buses. With the games on, I got to see and experience the cute little e-rickshaws and the latest purple colored HOHO (hop-on hop-off) buses that take you to famous tourist destinations around the city (these buses remind me of the Knight Bus by the way!).

So this October, hop onto a HOHO, metro, the e-rickshaw or simply take the 11 number ki bus. But do take a dekko around the city that is decked like a bride. I sincerely hope we carry on keeping our dear city just as beautiful especially with the baap of all festivals-Diwali coming. But then again, enjoy it while it lasts….Happy Delhi to you all!


chandralekha said...

Nice Blog!!and really a nice depiction of 'Delhi transformation'...keep up the writing spritit n come out with more blogs!!

Sajay said...

Nice writing...but I still disagree ... :p Love Delhi though! Happy Delhi to you too!

maitri said...

hey thanks u 2 :)